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Would you like to know, how much time, effort and money you should spend on your book or e-book project?

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ElektroPress Studio - Könyvtördelés, nyomdai előkészítés

Traditional books

As part of my layout design and typesetting service, I undertake projects of all types of books and magazines in accordance with the highest standards and the needs of my customers.

ElektroPress Studio - E-könyv szerkesztés, EPUB készítés

EPUB editions

I undertake the editing of electronic books in standard complience EPUB format with manual post-coding. Every EPUB I create has a consistent and precise, transparently documented style system and code structure for long-term compatibility.

ElektroPress Studio - Könyvtördelés és EPUB készítés egyben

Multioutput documents

Printed and electronic book in one hand! I have built a unique workflow so that the production of the two different outputs can be kept together for as long as possible, so you can save time and money if you entrust the work to me.

ElektroPress Studio - Webtervezés, UX / UI design

Web (UX / UI) design

Over the years, the www-based appearance has been called in many different ways, from web design to today's fashionable UX / UI design - however, the point is to design a functional and good-looking online appearance, which I carry out from the idea to the wireframes to the delivery of ready-made responsive designs.

ElektroPress Studio - Webfejlesztés

Web development

If I've already designed it for you, it's logical to put it into operation - you don't need to look for anything else, as a member of a professional development team, we'll handle the entire production, based on Drupal CMS or even with custom code, if you need it.

ElektroPress Studio - Marketing és egyéb kapcsolódó


Thanks to my almost two decades of professional relationships in the above areas, you can't ask for anything that I can't mobilize a top contractor for, whether it's online-offline marketing, photography, copywriting or even proofreading.

ElektroPress Studio - Könyvek tördelése, e-könyv készítés

Why Me?

  • ElektroPress Studio - 15 years professional experience More than 15 years
    professional experience
  • ElektroPress Studio - Online and offline experience Integrated knowledge on
    traditional and e-publications
  • ElektroPress Studio - Multipurpose workflow Time and cost-effective
    multi-output workflow
  • ElektroPress Studio - cooperative workstyle High flexibility and
    cooperative workstyle
  • ElektroPress Studio - deadlines Pre-defined,
    strict deadlines
  • ElektroPress Studio - fair price Fair

About Me

My name is Peter Hari,
I have worked as a freelancer for 15 years.

It became clear at the very beginning of my career that the 9-to-5 work schedule and sitting in the office were not invented for me. After a year as an employee, me and my old university colleague and friend founded ElektroPress Studio, and for a decade we worked together on countless online and offline projects - books, newspapers on, magazines, electronic books and web projects. Our ways separated in 2018, and I carried on the ElektroPress brand, which I have come to love over the years - however today it is mostly a one-person business.

Originally, I worked with layout design and typesetting of books, but during the last ten years I have gained considerable professional experience of web design, so "certainly" the electronic book production was also quickly included in my portfolio.

Also by managing my own time as

with the quality of the services I provide
and in relation to the jointly set deadlines
I don't make compromises!

If I work in the practically furnished office of my campervan, in a seaside campsite, or code in the shade of my apple trees, it's not only better for me, but also for you - I do much faster and more creative work in a calm, stress-free environment, and you don't have to pay for many frills either, like maintaining a fancy downtown office with staffs, and representing ith cars and clothes.

Whatever print or electronic publication you are planning, feel free to contact me - an informational conversation and a price offer do not cost anything, and I gladly share my ideas with you, even if you do not order from me now.

ElektroPress Stúdió - Hári Péter

Don not think that I'm the handyman expert, who knows everything - sometimes I have to involve colleagues to implement some projects, because they can solve some sub-tasks better, faster and more efficiently than I could. Fortunately, in the last 15 years

I have met many great professionals,
with whom I likeand able to work in a team,

so you can trust me with your larger projects as well: we already have large national digital textbook development projects behind us.

ElektroPress Studio - Könyvek tördelése, e-könyv készítés



With the help of the calculator below, you can quickly get an overall view of the estimated costs of the planned book typesetting and / or EPUB editing project. Please note: The calculated prices are informative, the prices of specific works can be modified by many factors, therefore in each case I give a unique price offer based on the raw material and the details! For UI / UX design or complete web development jobs, I always give a unique price quote, as there can be huge differences in terms of the parameters of the required work (complexity, size, required specialists, etc.).

The size of the manuscript, with standard settings (A4 page size, 12 letter, 1.5 line spacing, 2 cm margin)
Type of book
  • Textbook: typically a single long, rarely fragmented stream of text (e.g. novels)
  • Sectioned books: books containing a multi-level title system and lists, footnotes and endnotes, illustrations, framed texts, tables and other elements that break the main text (specialist books, scientific publications, etc.)
  • Illustrated books: spectacularly designed unique publications based on images, graphics and other visual elements
One turn is included to the typesetting price.

Print calculation
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EPUB calculation
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Multioutput calculation
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Would you like a detailed, precise quote for your book and / or e-book project?

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I have worked for...

In the last 15 years I have worked for many publishers and other companies, NGOs and institutes on a wide range of projects. Some examples:

ElektroPress Studio - referenciák
Adamo Books

ElektroPress Studio - referenciák
Afrika Másként Alapítvány

ElektroPress Studio - referenciák
Akadémia Nyelviskola

ElektroPress Studio - referenciák
Agroinform Kiadó

ElektroPress Studio - referenciák
Aszód Város Önkormányzata

ElektroPress Studio - referenciák
AyurPress Kiadó

ElektroPress Studio - referenciák
Budapesti Műszaki Egyetem, VET

ElektroPress Studio - referenciák

ElektroPress Studio - referenciák
Édesvíz Kiadó

ElektroPress Studio - referenciák
ELTE Eötvös Kiadó

ElektroPress Studio - referenciák
Fiatal Írók Szövetsége

ElektroPress Studio - referenciák
Háttér Kiadó

ElektroPress Studio - referenciák
HVG Orac

ElektroPress Studio - referenciák
Irodalmi Jelen

ElektroPress Studio - referenciák
Közép- és Kelet-európai Történelem és Társadalom Kutatásáért Alapítvány

ElektroPress Studio - referenciák
Magyar Történelmi Társulat

ElektroPress Studio - referenciák
Magyar Zsidó Kulturális Egyesület

ElektroPress Studio - referenciák
Mária Valéria Nyelviskola

ElektroPress Studio - referenciák
MCC Press

ElektroPress Studio - referenciák
Minority Rights Group International

ElektroPress Studio - referenciák
Nemzeti Közszolgálati és Tankönyv Kiadó

ElektroPress Studio - referenciák
Saldo Kiadó

ElektroPress Studio - referenciák
Semmelweis Kiadó

ElektroPress Studio - referenciák
Social Steps Agency

ElektroPress Studio - referenciák
Szép Könyvek Kiadó

ElektroPress Studio - referenciák
T.Bálint Kiadó

ElektroPress Studio - referenciák
Terc Kiadó

ElektroPress Studio - referenciák
Terror Háza

ElektroPress Studio - referenciák
Typotex Kiadó

ElektroPress Studio - referenciák
Visegrádi Alap


If you would like to get a brief insight into my work, review some of my important reference projects,
which I tried to select so that all project types contain.


ElektroPress Studio - rólunk mondtákAnita Simon
Hungarian Historical Association, Századok magazine

„Péter and I have been working together for many years on the production of the historical magazine Századok. Right from the start of the joint work, it became clear that both his professional knowledge and his very flexible approach to completing tasks are perfectly suited to the accurate and faultless publication of a bimonthly magazine, as he always meets the deadline, and even the sudden »extra« requests without grumbling, quickly solves it. His calm but very open personality makes working together especially pleasant, so it is perfect to communicate with him.” 

ElektroPress Studio - rólunk mondtákPéter Lajos
Social Steps Agency

„Peter is not at all like a "normal" digital specialist. On the one hand, he answers the phone when I call, and calls back if he is unavailable. On the other hand, unlike usual, he keeps his promises and submits the finished work before the deadline. If you are not looking for the "usual" help either, then contact him with confidence.”

ElektroPress Studio - rólunk mondtákAttila Kiss
AyurPress Publisher

„Peter has been taking care of our books since the beginning, and I can only say the best about him. He works with great care, has creative solutions, and I can count on his ideas for improvement throughout the entire work process. He often goes beyond his role and warns about spelling and grammar errors in the text - I always feel that a high-quality end result is just as important to him as it is to us, he is not satisfied with presenting only his own work."

ElektroPress Studio - Könyvek tördelése, e-könyv készítés



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